#3 – Getting Support

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Times of crisis can be very overwhelming. Not only are we dealing with painful situations that are very close to our heart, but we are facing problems that feel too tangled or complex for us to unfold at that moment. But you can get where you need to be, no matter how difficult the journey is. The key is to have the right kinds of support and to develop resilency. Resiliency is to get back up, to bounce back, to effectively cope with the sorrows and unpredictability of life. Resiliency teaches you to accept change and adversity as opportunities for self reflection, learning and personal growth. Anyone can learn to be more resilient. You can’t change stressful events, but you can change your response.  You can learn to manage  strong emotions and improve communication. You can learn to be more optimistic, adaptable and compassionate, not just to others, but to yourself.