#1 – Picturing Your Future

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We all carry our past, and live with our present. But to move beyond merely coping or surviving, we need to have a vision for our future. That vision will guide us and create an opportunity for hope and growth. Having a vision of what is possible can help you to move through the conflict toward a future that embodies your hopes and ideals. An essential part of reaching a settlement in a time of conflict is to ensure that your vision for the future is in your field of view. You can get help to have a clearer view of what is and what could be. There are some simple steps that anyone can learn such as reducing negative self talk, not overplaying the negative drama in your life, nurturing positive relationships to build connection and support. Even practicing gratefulness, compassion and mindfulness will help you become more resilient and optimistic about the present and the future. You will be able to make choices about how to move forward with the vision of your positive future self in mind