Counselling may be beneficial if you are experiencing difficulty coping, feel overwhelmed or confused. Individuals can explore personal problems, gain insight and personal understanding to help make a change or transition, or even to make a decision with greater clarity.  Conflict coaching to help in having a difficult conversation. Some examples include:

  • conflict in the workplace
  • family breakdown with its emotional, legal and financial implications
  • aging parents, including care options
  • dealing with other major life transitions such as the ending of  a business partnerships or employment

You can explore these circumstances in a warm and supportive environment.  Shelina is qualified to provide empathetic support and insightful practical advice.

Shelina Neallani, RSW, LLB is a registered social worker and lawyer with a special interest in giving you wise counsel at this important time in your life. With years of experience in assisting clients through difficult situations, Shelina will work with you to identify and clarify your options in dealing with your situation. In addition to her personalized advice, Shelina has a network of experts in the fields of law, human resources, child development, counseling and financial practices. All dimensions of your challenge can be addressed through this process.

We often think of the term “social worker” means a government employee. But trained social workers may also act as one to one professionals available to work with you and your family as you deal with physical or mental health concerns, workplace conflict, marital breakdown, the developmental or social challenges of children and youth, aging, the aftermath of trauma, and other life situations. In fact these support services may be covered by your group insurance plan.

Our work centers around providing you knowledgeable support as you choose how to move forward.